«Synergy» will not participate in the RC44 Champions Tour

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«Synergy» will not take part in the new season of RC44 Champions Tour. This was announced by the team manager Maxim Logutenko in his interview to All-Russian Sailing Federation.

He also noted that the reason for such a decision was a desire to focus on racing in other classes: the team will continue to compete in the Melges20 and Melges32 classes.

«We are very clear on where the team wants to go, and it so happens that RC44 is not in the range of our interests now. We have withdrawn from this class. <...> Well, in autumn we will all get together as one big team to work on a new big project», - said Maxim Logutenko.

According to «Synergy representative» all the members of the crew, who took part in the championship RC44 will be employed: some already have contracts, some will appear in the future.

Recall that «Synergy» was the best team in match racing in the 2014

and 2012 seasons. In 2013, the crew came second in both the match race and the fleet race.

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