An extraordinary story of an extraordinary yacht

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Endeavour was launched in 1934 from the Camper and Nicholson yard in Gosport, Southern England. She was designed by the great British designer Charles Nicholson and commissioned by Briton Sir Thomas Sopwith, later inducted posthumously into the America's Cup Hall of Fame.

Endeavour herself was the most modern yacht of her time, and her story deserves a screen adaptation. The yacht survived fame and oblivion, she lay at the bottom of the river and was sold for next to nothing several times.

The last renovation and refurbishment of Endeavour was completed in November 2011. 18 months and 100,000 man hours were spent by Yachting Developments to refurbish her. About 40 tons of materials were replaced: the deck was completely changed, interior living and technical spaces were redesigned, air conditioning, electronics, the engine, generators were installed.

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