«Hold me, Volodya, I've got champagne!»

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We don't know what exactly Alexander Novoselov, Katyusha's helmsman, is trying to do in this photo.whether to rescue himself with the help of Vladimir Prosikhin ("Nika") from the traditional champion's bath in Cascais waters or to drag him away with him....Either way, he's having a good time after winning the RC44 Cascais Cup. By the final day of the regatta, Katusha was in third place; by the last race, the team was marginally ahead of their rivals, Team CEREEF and Charisma. The final race was decisive. "After the first mark Katusha looked dead and buried, but when I looked back the next time, they were already second.... it was extremely unpleasant," recalls CEREEF tactician Adrian Stead. This second place secured the victory for the Russians in the end! Congratulations!

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