Ocean yacht powered by solar energy

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Switzerland's Solar Impact has unveiled details of the concept of the first ocean class yacht to use solar power as its primary energy source. A virtual tour of the 3D model of the 23.9-metre aluminium solar-powered yacht will be available at the Cannes Boat Show.

The 23.9m is the result of five years of research by Solar Impact. The concept is based on a SWATH-type hull, a so-called semi-submersible catamaran. The two torpedo-shaped, buoyant hulls that are submerged allow the craft to glide through the water «with virtually no rocking, even in waves several meters high».

The boat is powered by 300 square meters of solar panels and is equipped with a diesel engine for cloudy days. The boat has a top speed of 20 knots and can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

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