The august guest

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It wasno surprise when Prince Albert II of Monaco paid a visit to the winning yachts of the Monaco Yacht Show Superyacht Awards - the 90m Oceanco DAR (which he is pictured stepping off) and the 72m Tankoa SOLO. But his lordship didn't stop at superyachts. The 10-metre Greenline NEO by Greenline Yachts Slovenian yard, managed by Vladimir Zinchenko from Russia, also attracted his attention. The Prince climbed aboard the NEO twice and even rode it.» Albert II has a particular interest in«green technology. In this sense the baby NEO has something to surprise the august person: it has an all-electric version with two 80-hp Torqeedo Deep Blue outboard electric motors, which, paired with 61 kWh lithium batteries, provide 40 miles without a subdivision at 6 knots and 20 miles at 16 knots. It is the all-electric NEO we see in the photo.

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