Sea swing

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Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov, who on December 6 set off on a circumnavigation of the world in a rowboat «AKROS» from New Zealand to Cape Horn, has since moved about 235 km (if you count straight ahead) away from shore. This crossing is the first stage of the project which will result in Konyukhov formally paddling around the world.

The real way which the navigator managed to cover is much more than 235 km since the start.

Because of the headwinds and waves the boat follows a wave-like trajectory: now to the south, now to the north. The waves reach up to five meters high, «AKROS» climbs on them and then ends up in the hollow. And it's certainly not very comfortable for paddling.

In these conditions, Konyukhov will stay until he leaves the area where the wind direction and currents are influenced by New Zealand. According to the calculations of the organizers of the expedition, so will pass about the first thousand kilometers. The border point should be the passage of the Chatham Archipelago, to which the traveler will have to sail another 800 kilometers.

During the first two days of the trip, Konyukhov was accompanied by penguins and dolphins, but the traveler hasn't met a whale yet.

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