The son of the regiment

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Spindrift 2, a 40m trimaran, set sail this morning from Brest, France, in a bid to break the existing record for a non-stop round-the-world sailing trip and win the Jules Verne prize. The departure was preceded by a touching farewell scene as Spindrift Racing co-founder, skipper and businesswoman Dona Bertarelli saw off her son, Duncan Späth, 21.

«As someone who has experienced this adventure before him, I can tell you that his love for the ocean will only get stronger. So proud of you»," Dona Bertarelli wrote on her Twitter page.

Speth is the youngest in the Spindrift 2 crew. He could be called «son of the regiment», as he started sailing at age 5 and has been spending time with the team since its inception, long before he could join it in 2016.

«Of course there is some pre-departure tension and apprehension, but I'm looking forward to heading south on our big trip. Adventures like this are always unique! It is the most beautiful challenge in sailing and it is incredible that we have the opportunity to do it»," he said before the start.

To break the current record for non-stop sailing around the world, the Spindrift 2 crew will need to circumnavigate the globe in less than 41 days. You can follow the progress of the trimaran on the team's website. Interestingly, apart from the usual location, distance and speed data, the tracker also shows the crew's menu for each day. A mother needs to know whether her favorite child is well nourished or not:)

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