«Picturesque» water magic

Unusual underwater photos that look like baroque paintings

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Baroque art is known for its eye-catching colourfulness and dynamism. But oil paints, as it turns out, are not the only means at the disposal of the artist working in this style. «Christy Lee Rogers used her own experience to prove that» can also be painted with... water! Is it really possible? We won't kid ourselves or you - no, but there is some common sense in our words, because Lee Rogers has reached such a level of perfection in photography that her works made on camera are indistinguishable from Baroque paintings to the untrained eye.

«"Any day can be the last, and I knew I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't do my best»," Christie Lee Rogers told Photofairs.

So, photo a la paintings by the Hawaiian native. The project is called Muses.

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