Everybody wishes they were cows.


When an amateur team comes to a regatta, high sporting achievements are often not an end in themselves. It is much more important to get positive emotions from the process itself.

The Italian DUMBOVIT crew, who took part in thefirst round of the Melges 32 World League in Sardinia on 29-31 March, seemed to be guided by this very logic. During six races the crew made 10-14 out of 14 races, and during the last seventh start they did not finish and finished 13th , but what a smart design of the spinnaker!

By the way, the Russian crew of Pavel Kuznetsov TAVATUY came in third place in the overall standings.

With the exception of not very successful first and third races (arrivals 10 and 8), during the remaining starts the crew finished in 2nd-4th places. The Russians are only one point behind CAPIRINHA, Italy's silver medallist. The leading team, DONINO (Argentina) is 12-13 points behind their closest rivals.