To a great ship - a great voyage

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The world's largest yacht, the 183-metre eight-deck REV, was launched. This landmark event took place in the Romanian city of Tulcea. The Vard Shipyard is building the record-breaking Explorer, which began more than three and a half years ago. Espen Oeino (Espen Oeino) and the interiors are by H2 Yacht Design.

The 183m REV is designed to serve science and not just her owner's interests.

That's why she has everything necessary for the work of scientists. She has an ocean-view shaft, for example, which serves to lower and raise the instruments used in ocean research.

The research and expedition vessel, born on the will of Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Roekke , can accommodate up to 60 scientists and 30 crew, or up to 36 guests and 54 crew - depending on the type of voyage.

«This project is a true brainchild of its owner, a vessel unlike any other in the world, a vessel with a noble purpose. I think we will end up with the most advanced science ship in terms of equipment. It is probably the most important project we will ever have the chance to work on», Espen Oino says.

The story of the REV is so cut and dry it only remains to add a few facts. The yacht is propelled by four Wärtsilä 8L26 engines providing a top speed of 17.8 knots. At a cruising speed of 11 knots she can travel 21,120 nautical miles or be at sea offshore for 114 days with a gross tonnage of 17,440 gross tonnes.

Thus, REV surpasses the previous record holder -Alisher Usmanov'sLürssen Dilbar with its 15,917 gross tons.

In the very near future, REV will be towed to Vard docks in Brattvag, Norway , where specialists will be equipping the vessel for eight months. After that, this engineering marvel will be transported back to Romania, to lay the decks and put the finishing touches to the interiors. The final stage of work on REV Ocean will be carried out in Germany where it will be delivered in the first quarter of 2021. The boat, once she is fully completed, is promised to be available for charter as well.

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