Master of parking (or marketing?)

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Australian businessman John Symond Symond) has anchored his custom 73-metre superyacht Hasna just in front of the Statue of the Statue of Liberty, causing a wave of confusion.

«It's incredibly vulgar and tasteless. The Statue of Liberty of Liberty is a landmark, and you can't dock your boat in front of it just because you have a lot of money»," says one New York officials.

However, there is a way for the outraged to solve the problem -theycan simply buy a boat.

The fact is that Hasna is offered for sale for $106 million, so it is quite probable that the choice of the berth is dictated by purely marketing considerations.

The new owner of the megayacht will not only please New Yorkers and guests , but will get a luxurious vessel for 12 guests and 21 crew members - with alandscapepool, home theatre, elevator, and a large beach club.

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