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О компании Северная Судостроительная Компания

History of the company

«North Shipbuilding Company» was founded in Arkhangelsk in 2011. Initially the company's plan was to make a profit within three years, but faced with the realities of the credit market, the shipyard had to take advantage of government support. Nevertheless, the company was able to survive a difficult time and take a confident position in the market.

Company status

Today the enterprise continues to build small vessels for the harsh climate of northern latitudes and supplies products throughout Russia.


The company owns one shipyard equipped with the latest shipbuilding technology. The hulls are built using aluminium of European brands, and the Dutch studio Bruce Roberts Europe BV is involved in the creation of new projects.

Model range

The company manufactures boats from 4 to 13 meters in length under the Barents Boats brand. These are simple, durable «workhorses»that allow to reach remote areas by difficult rivers and lakes. Also boats of the «Northern Shipbuilding Company are» often the choice of hunters and fishermen.


The boats of the shipyard are notable for their durability, unpretentiousness and good running characteristics. Structures of boats under heavy loads are reinforced by double welding. For wintering the boats do not need any special rooms, they are perfectly stored outdoors and are not exposed to corrosion, and the hull has a lifetime warranty.

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Северная Судостроительная Компания
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