Верфь Яхты Попилов

Россия, Новороссийск

ООО "Попилов"

ул. Героев Десантников, д. 22, 353922

Верфь Яхты Попилов строит водоизмещающие яхты и экспедиционные яхты и траулеры. В модельном ряду компании - 4 модели длиной от 14 до 20 м.

Модельный ряд Яхты Попилов

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О верфи Яхты Попилов

Company history

The Popilov Yachts shipyard was recently launched in 2012, but is already well known for its competent marketing. The company aims to take its rightful place in the highly sought after niche of low-cost steel trawler yachts today.

"We build yachts not "luxury", but "friendly" - for those who have earned their own money and want to buy a house on the water, so that in the shipyard there is no need to buy a yacht.to live and travel, not to compete with the marina neighbors, whose yachts are more expensive" - said Mikhail Titov, CEO of the company.

And it all started when Russian businessman Andrey Popilov, controlling the construction of his own yacht abroad, was so imbued with the process that he wanted to build yachts himself. Originally, there were a variety of options for production, but in the end the choice fell on the Crimea - a region that is inexpensive to produce, well-staffed, where you can work in the open air almost all year round.

Production .

The works at the shipyard in Sevastopol are in full cycle mode that positively influences on terms of manufacturing (less than a year for each yacht) and quality control. And own furniture manufacture of the company - an occasion to offer the customer customization of internal furnishings of the yacht. Also manufacturing of yachts under the order is possible. So far not many yachts have left the slipways of the shipyard, but the production facilities allow to assemble up to 6 hulls simultaneously. This may be the case if the management considers it cost-effective.

Model range

Today the shipyard produces 3 models of steel displacement yachts of 16 and 20 meters in length. These are vessels of expedition class, with increased seaworthiness and autonomy. At the beginning of 2018 the company announced the launch of production of serial composite boat 9 meters long, with a wide range of options for installation of optional equipment.


Popilov yachts have an attractive price - they are 2-3 times cheaper than their European counterparts. The yachts are quite reliable and easy to use, with spacious cabins furnished "as at home".

"We build our yachts with the possibility of year-round accommodation on their board" - concludes Mikhail Titov.

The company has also launched its own line of clothing and accessories for yachting. Such a confident and fast entry into the yachting business is truly respected.

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