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Верфь Cobra Yachts строит суперяхты и водоизмещающие яхты, экспедиционные яхты и траулеры и также активно работает на рынке суперяхт. В модельном ряду компании - 7 моделей длиной от 11 до 17 м.

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О верфи Cobra Yachts

Company history

Cobra Yachts represents the traditions of Polish yacht building, being one of the national market leaders in the segment of small yachts. Polish yachts in general, and Cobra in particular, are distinguished by a large number of handmade elements, strong and reliable hulls adapted to rather harsh conditions of the Baltic Sea and are in great demand in the rest of Europe.

Cobra Yachts is a family company with more than 18 years of history. The shipyard is owned by Magdalena and Bartosz Filiks, the latter has a minimum share.

Shipyard status

She's active.


The headquarters of Cobra Yachts is located in Radomsko. In 2018, the shipyard launched a new production facility on an area of about 6,000 square meters. The company has representative offices in European countries as well as the USA and Hong Kong.

Shipyard status

She's active.

Model range

Cobra Yachts produces sailing cruising yachts Cobra 33-38 feet long. Previously the company's range included larger boats (up to 53 feet), but a few years ago the shipyard decided to focus more on smaller cruisers and pay more attention to the motor division. The design of sailing yachts is being developed by the renowned Polish architect Andrzej Skrzat. The line of motor boats of the shipyard includes small motor yachts of the same type. yacht-houseboats . Futura length is 36-40 feet. Their design is by Przemysław Cieśniarski.

Brand Features

Each Cobra Yachts yacht is handmade. There are no packages in the company's price lists - each piece of equipment can be selected independently of the others. All this allows the shipyard to build yachts exactly as the specific customer requires.

Sailing Cobra is an ideal small family cruiser for both inland waterways and coastal cruising.

Yachts have been tested in the Baltic, the Mediterranean and Lake Constance. Sailing yachts have two versions - with stationary or lifting keel. The layout of a living area and quantity of cabins and bathrooms is made on a choice of the client.

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