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Верфь Mar.Co Marine Costruzioni строит катера риб с надувными бортами и катера с подвесным мотором. В модельном ряду компании - 13 моделей длиной от 5 до 11 м (в 3 сериях: Cabin RIBs, Fisherman и Open RIBs).

Модельный ряд Mar.Co Marine Costruzioni

Серия Open RIBs
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О верфи Mar.Co Marine Costruzioni

History of the company

In the early 70's Mario Zamuner caught fire with the idea of creating an inflatable boat company. He designed and built the first models in the garage of his own house, and his wife helped him with this. In 1974 the company MAR.CO was born, which he named after his son Marco.

The shipyard is known for its love of innovation. For example, the company was one of the first to introduce a fiberglass base for RIBs, it also moved away from the usual red and orange hulls and offered a wide range of colors.


In 1999, Mario Zamuner did not become a founder, but his legacy lives on. The shipyard is headed by Marco Zamener, who helped his father from an early childhood.

Production .

Constantly increasing demand forced the company's management in 2002 to move to a new plant in Muju (located between Milan and Lake Como). The shipyard is always in step with the times and constantly introduces new technologies into production.

Model range

To date, the model range is represented by RIBs in lengths from 5 to 11 meters. The company's portfolio includes three lines. R-Evolution - boats for day trips with maximum comfort in the open air. E-Motion series is designed for short cruises with the ability to spend the night on board. Fisherman boats are equipped with everything you need for sea and river fishing.

Features .

The shipyard was one of the first to expand the range of qualities typical of RIBs - comfort was added to functionality and safety. For example, MAR.CO boats have been equipped with recreation areas, sunbathing areas, cabins and galleys.

It is difficult to find two identical boats under this brand. For each model the manufacturer has provided a wide range of different options and the possibility to develop individual solutions.

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