Верфь Aquador

Финляндия, Куопио

Bella Veneet OY

Väliköntie 10, 70700

Верфь Aquador строит катера с хардтопом и полузакрытым салоном и каютные круизные катера. В модельном ряду компании - 2 модели длиной от 7 до 10 м.

Модельный ряд Aquador

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О верфи Aquador

The history of the company

Advertising entrepreneur Sakari Mattila founded the Finnish shipyard Aquador in 1995. The first model was built by the owner of the company together with Rolf Eliasson, a famous Swedish naval architect, who also worked on boats for Winga, Nimbus and others.

Sakari Mattila owned the company for only five years and in 2000 he sold his shipyard Bella Veneet OY. This undoubtedly benefited the company.

In 2007 Aquador was recognized as the fastest growing shipyard in Scandinavia.

And in 2009 at the London International Boat Show Aquador 28HT won the Best «Sport Cruiser of the Year nomination.

Status of the company

The shipyard produces new models every year and does not miss a single important yacht show.

Production .

In the early 2000s, new boats were built in Ireland, which had a negative impact on the quality of the end product. As a result, production was moved to Finland. Today, four modern plants are being assembled. Production is almost always 100% loaded, which proves the right direction of the company and constant demand.

Range of boats

Aquador, from its first days of operation, has chosen a segment of small premium vessels and is committed to fully satisfy its customers' needs rather than taking as much of the «general cake as possible. There are five lines in the model range. The boats are made in a laconic Nordic style - each element of the exterior and interior is in its place.

The Walkaround series includes small outboard and stationary boats. The boats received a spacious forward cabin, while the Aquador 25 WA model had even a small galley.

More spacious models Daycruisers consist of cabin cruise boats. Here there is everything necessary for comfortable rest on water - and a spacious cockpit, and the big bathing platform, a kitchen corner and a toilet.

Hardtop's semi-custom yachts are rich in interior spaces and are suitable for longer trips. The series Sport-Top has a sporty appearance with large roof hatches that allow to turn the boat into an open cruiser.

Cabin series models - boats and yachts with hardtop and closed salon in length from 6,5 to 11 m.


Shipyards pay particular attention to safety. All of them meet the European CE standards as well as the stricter Baltic standards. More than 80% of products are delivered to foreign markets and not only to Europe: Aquador boats are popular in Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries.

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