Верфь Sunreef

Польша, Гданьск

ul. Doki 1 80-958

Верфь Sunreef строит суперяхты и моторные круизные катамараны, парусные круизные катамараны и также активно работает на рынке суперяхт. В модельном ряду компании - 36 моделей длиной от 13 до 65 м (в 5 сериях: Power Eco Yachts, Power Yachts, Sailing Eco Yachts, Sailing Yachts и Superyachts).

Модельный ряд Sunreef

Серия Power Eco Yachts


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О верфи Sunreef

The history of the company.

Francis Lapp, a French entrepreneur, moved to Poland in the early 1990s. He assessed the business opportunities in this country and opened several enterprises. At the same time Francis became interested in sailing and later bought his first cruise catamaran, but it was only the beginning.

The passion grew into opening a travel company and charter agency, and in 2002 the new Sunreef shipyard was born. The company was opened in the historical shipbuilding centre of the country - the city of Gdańsk. Since then, the company has been building motor and sailing catamarans from 55 to 200 feet.

The shipyard's own in-house design department creates at least two new models each year, offering maximum customisation of the deck layout. Sunreef is not limited to two hulls and has an interesting portfolio of unique super-trimarans.


Today the shipyard continues its work. Sunreef has become one of the major players in the multihull segment and is the focus of international exhibitions every year.

Production .

Sunreef boats are being built at its own shipyard in Gdańsk. The shipyard is located on the banks of the Martwa Vistula, which gives access to the main waterways of the country and the Baltic Sea. The company has at its disposal an equipped quay with a pontoon crane with lifting capacity of 300 tons, storage and production facilities, assembly shops, etc.

The company plans to increase its production capacity. For this purpose, a 4-hectare land plot has already been bought out in the suburbs of Gdansk.

Model range

The shipyard has chosen aluminium and modern composite materials as the basic materials for building multihulls. The manufacturer's model range is represented by three lines.

The Power Series includes motorised cruising catamarans. The Sailing range consists of sailing multihulls. Also in 2016 Sunreef introduced a new series - Supreme, which includes both sailing and motor catamarans.


The shipyard has achieved great success due to active promotion of multihull vessels, high quality of production, full production and service cycle «under one roof and a» great number of technical innovations.

In record time, Sunreef was able to gain recognition in the demanding superyacht market, where there were virtually no catamarans before her introduction.

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