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The brand dk yachts produces one-Design Racing Keelboats and performance Cruisers. There are 9 models from 7 to 16 meters.


The history of the dk yachts shipyard is quite funny. It is a subsidiary of the German-Malaysian joint company dk composites, which was established in 1997 for the construction of composite domes of four main mosques in Malaysia. Having successfully completed this work, dk composites began to develop other high-tech architectural projects while trying to diversify its business. So in 1999, dk yachts appeared, which immediately relied on exceptionally high technological equipment. Today, the shipyard has the world's largest assembly facility that can keep temperatures constant and the largest» carbon-fiber «baking oven. Excellent quality and training have made the shipyard one of three manufacturers in the world licensed by Farr International to produce Mumm 30 (aka Farr 30), Farr 36 One Design, Farr 40 One Design and Farr 52 One Design monotypes. One of the largest and most challenging projects undertaken by dk yachts was the construction of a 114-foot Maiden of Hong Kong for the Hong Kong multi-mi yard and avid yachtsman Frank Pong. This boat, designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, is perhaps the most complex single hull yacht on earth: suffice it to say that it is equipped with a paintless swivel mast which can also be tilted by 15° to the wind.

Status: inactive.

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