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Model range

The brand Tige produces bowriders and ski and Wakeboard Boats. There are 9 models from 6 to 8 meters.


History of the company

By the time Charlie Pigeon set up his firm, he had already spent 18 years working for major water sports speedboat companies such as MasterCraft, Supra and Malibu Boats. Paige has formulated his task as follows: to create a product that would satisfy 100% of customers.

The first boat Tige entered the market in 1992 and immediately received the title of Breakthrough of the «Year in one of the» profile magazines.

In 1995, Tige developed the TAPS (Tigé Adjustable Performance System), a boat hull trimming system that allows you to change the waveform, and in 1996 the company switched to wakeboarding boats. Tige began to sponsor a team of athletes, popularizing wakeboarding. In 2003 Tige patented its other inventions - TAPS2 system and Convex V body, which allow you to quickly change the wave settings to suit the needs of the wakeboarder.

Production .

Tige Boats production and headquarters are located in Abilene, Texas. The production area is more than 12,5 thousand m2. The shipyard employs about 250 people. Tige offers everyone to come and see the production in person - you can order a tour to the shipyard or a test drive of a model you like directly on the company's website. The company has a developed dealer network in the USA as well as representatives in Europe, Japan, Australia, Colombia, South Africa and Russia. Tige Boats builds and sells more than 1000 boats per year.

Model range

In the Tige Boats range of sports tugboats for wake-surfing or wakeboarding from 6 to 7.6 meters long and with a capacity of 12-19 passengers. Tige boats are characterized by a high basic equipment and have a set of options that allow you to customize the boat as much as possible.

Features .

Tige boats are adapted to modern requirements and equipped with fine-tuning systems for different levels of skiing. The Convex AVX system allows the choice of five ballast system options for different sports and qualification levels. The ballast system can be controlled at the touch of a button. The TAPS2 system allows fine adjustment of wave size and shape.

An important feature of the Tige tugboats is their ability to produce the same waves on both sides of the boat and switch«the side» of the wave, including with a remote control that the athlete can take with him.

Tige gives a lifetime warranty on the boat's hull. If the hull is defective, Tige will replace the boat with a new one.

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