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Model range

The brand Cathugo produces power Catamarans. There are 3 models from 12 to 21 meters.


History of the company

The owner of the German Krake Technology Group, Andreas Krake, decided to expand the scope of his company, which was engaged in the development of materials and technologies for the automotive, aviation and shipbuilding industries. For this purpose, he joined forces with naval designers from iYacht. This is how the history of the Cathugo Yachts brand began.

Before rebranding in 2012 the company was called Octagon Yachts. 

Cathugo Yachts presented its first catamaran at Boot Düsseldorf 2012. The shipyard has chosen the right time to enter the market, and after the crisis of 2008-2010 the shipbuilding industry was in a weakened state. At the Düsseldorf trade fair, the shipyard was able to receive several orders at once.


It's working.


The company constructs boats at its factory in Anhalta, located on the Elbe River. From here they go to Hamburg's international port and are delivered to customers all over the world.

«Connection with other industries helps us in the shipbuilding industry, we transfer here the experience gained from each project.

This is Andreas Crake.

Model range

The Cathugo Yachts range includes motor cruise catamarans from 43 to 66 feet in length. Hulls are manufactured using composite materials developed by the Krake Technology Group.

A well-known architect Udo A. Hafner from iYacht Studio works on the design of multihulls. He also works closely with other renowned German shipbuilders such as Bavaria and Drettmann.

Features .

When building catamarans, Cathugo Yachts uses materials used in aerospace and racing cars, so the construction is as light and strong as possible.

The plant also pays attention to environmental problems and safety: heavy metals, neurotoxic substances and hazardous solvents are not used here. All models meet rigid German standards of quality and ecological compatibility.

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