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Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 21-23 25033, Cologne (Brescia), Italy

The brand Overblue produces power catamarans. There is 1 model currently in production of 19.4 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Overblue and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Overblue Model Range

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Company history

In 2013 a group of like-minded people, including designer Stefano Nolletti, decided to present their views on modern yachts and created the shipyard Overblue.

The team has taken an unconventional approach in designing the shipyard.

«We took the man, put him in space and built a boat»around him," the company says.

In other words, the designers proceeded from comfort and safety, determining the size and function of living spaces, and then moved on to naval architecture, engineering and exterior. This approach attracted due attention and in 2017 the first Overblue 44 model was among the finalists on the Motor Boat of the Year.

Status .

The shipyard continues its work and annually presents new projects at leading yacht shows.


The company owns a small production facility located in Lombardy in northern Italy. While the Overblue shipyard is only increasing its influence, it has already developed a network of dealers all over the world.

Model range

The Overblue range mainly includes motor cruise catamarans from 15 to 22.5 metres in length. Some models, including the Overblue 50, are available in two versions - with a stationary engine or outboard engine of choice.

In terms of interior volumes, the boats compete with the superyacht segment thanks to their multihull construction. 115 sqm of living space is available for guests.


The Overblue team has managed to create something between houseboats and catamarans. From the first boats they received large living spaces and comfortable conditions for permanent living on board. From the second, the sailing qualities were taken. Depending on the boat model, the shipyards are certified for sailing or ocean access. Speed qualities are also impressive - Overblue boats easily develop over 20 knots.

Overblue boats for sale
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