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The brand Saffier produces aft cockpit sailboats and daysailers. There are 7 models currently in production ranging from 6 to 15 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Saffier and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Saffier Model Range

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The history of the company

The Dutch family shipyard Saffier Yachts was founded by Richard Hannevanger. The current name was given to the shipyard in 1999, but the family firm's roots go back to the 1950s. Then Richard was helped by his father to restore a classic Rainbow,«»which the family legend says was accidentally seen and bought by the captain of a yacht on the Eimoyeden Canal.

In 1961 Richard and his wife moved to Australia, where he began experimenting with building boats. That's where his sons Dennis and Dean, the current owners of the shipyard, were born. Richard gave them a love of sailing from childhood.

In the early '70s, the Hannewangers family sailed around the world. On his return to the Netherlands, Richard took up building boats again, while Dennis studied sailing and windsurfing. Dean became an engineer. Together they continued to design and build boats. In 1999, the brothers showed a Saffier 6.50 debugger to journalists, which received good reviews. The next model was the Saffier 8.00.

Already in 2003, the «eight» were nominated for the Yacht «of the Year award.

The shipyard in Amyuden has been a great success since then. After 2010, Saffier began to acquire fans not only at home, but also overseas. The company now has an extensive network of dealers, and classic Saffier dealers are found almost everywhere, from Australia to theCaribbean.


It's working.

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Saffier's production facilities are located in Eimeyden, the Netherlands. The company employs about 50 people, who build no more than 40 buildings per year.

Model range

Saffier Yachts is a family shipyard in every sense. All models have been designed by the Hannewangers themselves and the current owners are actively involved in the construction. The Saffier range has two lines: «Elegance» and Classic«. Updates are not frequent, most of the boats on offer have been designed long ago. For example, the «classics Saffier» 6.50 and 8.00 are modifications of the first projects of the shipyard, which later were joined by a dozen, «as it is»called, a classic pure «debugger.

There are more changes in the Elegance «»line. Launched in 2005, the Saffier 32 is replaced by the 33rd model. In 2007, the super-popular Se 26 is launched, followed by Se 23 in 2010. Both models have been awarded the «Yacht of the Year» title in Europe.

In 2018 in Dusseldorf, Saffier presented its 37th model with an eloquent Lounge, whose cockpit resembles a sun lounge of motor yachts.


Saffier yachts are a niche product that has gained huge popularity. In a relatively short time of existence, Saffier Yachts has sold about 600 hulls! Classic exteriors hide the almost sporty qualities of the boats (model 33 showed 17 knots of speed).

At the same time, the quality of construction is at its best.

Thickness of the polymeric hull is from 7 mm to 22 mm in the keel area. Only the highest quality materials are used in finishing.

Saffier is very self-sufficient. Designed for self-control, as early as 8.00 a.m. engines are installed on the boats. Most models are equipped with a self-tilting jib, while the«older» models have electric winches.