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The brand Silverton produces flybridge yachts and sportfishers and convertibles. There are 12 models currently in production ranging from 9 to 16 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Silverton and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Silverton Model Range

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Company history

Silvertone Marine, a small family owned shipyard, was founded in 1969 in Arlington by the Loures, John and Warren brothers. The company began with simple inexpensive yachts and over time has grown to become a serious player in the segment of small cruisers such as Convertible, suitable for both leisure and sea fishing.

For 2010, Silvertone Marine and its sisterĀ«companiesĀ» Mainship and Luhrs accounted for 5% of the US domestic market in this segment. The shipyard is also known outside the home country, with about 80 dealers in 40 countries. However, during the global economic crisis of the late 2000s, when the demand for luxury boats plummeted, the company, like the entire Morgan Industries Group, of which it was a part at the time, began to experience serious financial problems and was finally involved in the bankruptcy process. In February 2012, the Silvertone factory in Milville was shut down. However, thanks to the efforts of the purchaser in 2012, the Silvertone plant was closed down. Egg Harbor Yachts, the company resumed production.

Production .

The Silvertone yachts are assembled at the Millwill State Shipyard. New Jersey .on the east coast of the United States. The company is constantly improving production technologies and is open to the latest achievements in the industry, but at the same time strives to preserve the best production traditions of the past. Computer modeling and survey of target user groups are actively used.

Model range

To date, Silverton has produced 13 models from 9.9 to 15.7 m long. Flybridge cruisers are represented by Convertible, SportBridge and MotorYachts lines, variants with hardtop are realized in SportCoupe family; T-series yachts - sportsfishers, popular boats for sport sea fishing on the east coast of the USA - are the mansion. Some models are available in both luxury and basic version.

Features .

One of the shipyard's main credo is a frank dialogue with the consumer and realization in its products of the maximum number of customer requests. For this purpose the company staff even has a psychologist, and regular surveys of the adherents of rest on water have become a tradition for the shipyard.