Builder Reinell

Canada, Kelowna

200 Campion Road, V1X 7S8

The brand Reinell produced bowriders and ski and wakeboard boats. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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History of the company

The Reinell Boats North American shipyard has been in existence for 80 years. Its history began in 1928 as Adams&Reinell, a small workshop on Lake Stevens near Seattle. The first yachts were superbly executed high-speed classic runabouts made of selected types of wood. In the 30's Reinell boats were known from Alaska to California for their uncompromising quality of materials, sturdy and durable construction and excellent speed qualities.

In the 50's, the company's management long resisted the total transition of the industry to fiberglass, but eventually abandoned the aesthetics of wood in favor of the practicality of the composite.

After a series of financial and organizational difficulties, Reinell was acquired in 2014 by the Canadian family-run company Campion Marine, the largest independent boat manufacturer in the country with a 40-year history. At the same time Reinell has kept its name and traditions of production.

Production .

Reinell boats are traditionally produced in Washington state in the northwest of the USA. Capacities of the company correspond to all modern requirements to small shipbuilding. In building, as especial note in the company, ecologically pure materials and technologies are used. It concerns, first of all, raw materials for manufacture of hulls and their furnish. In particular, Enviro Responsible Resin polymer resin made with soya oil and bioethanol and MAXGUARD LE gelcoat, which does not emit harmful substances, is used as a binder.

Model range

The line of boats Reinell consists of bowriders of modern design with fast lines of a surface part in length about 5-7 meters. The largest model is the 207 LX BR Bowrider with a spacious main cockpit and a fixed motor, accommodating up to 8 people. Junior models can be delivered as outboard motor boats. The buyer can choose the color of the boat and options from an extensive list of optional equipment and engines.

Features .

The company positions its boats in the Quality «and Benefit segment,»trying to make them available without losses in production and equipment.

«Our goal is to provide the best value for money for every dollar you invest in buying a boat,"»says Reinell.

Another feature of the company's boats is their focus on family holidays and water sports. In particular, they offer wakeboard holders and ski carriers as well as comfortable bathing trails.