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Hodgdon Yachts produces custom built luxury boats in the superyacht market which are presented here. The shipyard has no current production line models available.


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The history of the company

The American company Hodgdon is the oldest shipyard in the USA and has been owned by one family for 200 years. In 1816 Caleb Hodgdon and his brother Tyler Hodgdon founded their shipbuilding business in East Boothbey, Maine. Their firstborn was a 13-foot fishing schooner. Subsequently, Hodgdon built a wide variety of vessels - fishing, commercial and even military, mainly mine trawlers and submarine hunters. In the middle of the 20th century Hodgdon Yachts became a strictly yacht division in business.

The shipyard was one of the pioneers of fiberglass construction, creating the Maimelee motor yacht in 1961, which was the largest in her class at the time.

Built in 2014, the 30-metre composite racing sailing boat Comanche has become one of the fastest yachts of our time. The company is currently managed by the sixth generation of the Hodgdon family. This is Audrey Hodgdon, who heads the sales department.

Status .

The shipyard in operation.

Production .

Hodgdon Yachts is now based in the same area where the Hodgdon brothers began building their first sailboats 200 years ago. Today, however, they are high-tech workshops capable of producing lightweight and robust composite hulls up to 60 metres long. The company prefers not to outsource, proudly announcing that its yachts are entirely made in the USA.


Hodgdon Yachts builds its vessels on a Full Custom scheme, but its portfolio has several main directions.

The company's megayachts are up to 60 meters long, built using composite technology and designed for use in the most serious ocean conditions.

There are three series of sailing yachts. Racing is an uncompromising race car, created with the latest technology. The Perfomance series adds to the high performance and modern look of the yachts comfort and ease of use. Classic, as the name suggests, is a more conservative sailboat with its inherent beauty, nobility and luxury, made on the basis of modern technology.


Among the undoubted highlights of «Hodgdon» Yachts is the outstanding design of the classic series, referring to the Art Deco style and filled with nostalgic spirit of 1920-30. Modern series, in turn, stand out with their hulls made with a wide use of carbon and Kevlar, which makes them flush with the fastest yachts on the planet.

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