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Model range

The brand Lobster produces displacement Yachts and enclosed Yachts. There are 1 model 20 meters.


The history of the company

Lobster Yachts is a French shipyard based in the town of Grolet, near Toulouse. The name of the company clearly outlines the segment in which it operates, namely the production of the yacht family. lobster bots. The shipyard produces boats mainly for the domestic market and is little known abroad, where Dutch and Italian yacht producers of this type dominate. However, the company has a dealer network covering most European countries.


The company continues its activities.


The French shipyard is building yachts in China, at the Jianghua Marine shipyard in Guangzhou in the south of the country. At the same time Lobster Yachts is IMCI International Marine Certification, which is an important advantage for European customers.

Model range

The Lobster Yachts shipyard produces externally quite strict models of composite lobster boats - cruisers with a closed salon of a specific retro-facing, which inherited the features of fishing boats, which in the past were engaged in fishing arthropods in the Atlantic. The younger model, the Lobster 55, which is 16.8 m long, has four cabins and a semi-displacement hull. The 20-metre Lobster 65 offers four cabins and, like model 55, has a semi-displacement hull. The company's flagship and the newest of three models, the Lobster 76 is 23.2m long, with five spacious cabins and a gliding hull. The models are semi-custom - the customer can choose the finish, materials and equipment. The yachts are equipped with navigation systems by Ray Marine.

Features .

The French yachting industry is not strong in the lobster bots segment,« so»Lobster Yachts is a pleasant exception.

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