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Model range

The brand J/Boats produces one-Design Racing Keelboats and performance Cruisers. There are 12 models from 6 to 14 meters.


The J/Boats story is the true realization of the «American dream. From garage assembly to 14,000 hulls in 40 countries in 40 years - this is the path of J/Boats - probably the most successful such enterprise in the world.

History of the company

The Johnston family business, J/Boats, traces its history back to the early 1970s when Rod Johnston was selling advertising at Soundings Magazine in Connecticut. A designer by training and a fanatic yachtsman, Rod has always designed boats and even had to work as a history teacher. Working in the sailing edition helped Johnston to meet the market players, which provided support for the future super successful first J24 model. This was in 1976.

Having formed the company with brother Bob, Rod has started building J24 in 1977, and already in the first year 250 cases have been sold. In 1981 SAIL Magazine named the J24 Best «Keel Yacht in» 30 years, with over 5000 hulls sold.

J/Boats have played a major role in the development of yacht building. In the early 1990s, the J/105 was the first model to carry an asymmetrical spinnaker on a removable bowsprit. More than 20 other projects have been recognized «as a yacht of the year», and five have received «international class status from World» Sailing. In 1991 Fortune magazine recognized J/Boats as one of the best American products of the century.

In 2016, Rod Johnston (born 1937) was included in the US Hall«of Fame. An Honorary Member of the New York Yacht Club and Commander of the Wadawanuck Yacht Club, Rod is known for his sayings:

«Half the fun you get from your boat just by admiring it.


J/Boats brand development is studied at Harvard and University of Virginia. The company practically did not know any downturns and now manufactures boats at the enterprise in Saint-Petersburg.Rhode Island. Under the license some models of J/Boats are built in France, Italy, China, South Africa, Argentina.

J/Boats remains a family business. Since 1988, J/Boats has been run by the second generation of Johnstons. The six sons, Rod and Bob, now make up the company's top management and board of directors.

Model lineup

In its more than 40-year history, J/Boats has launched about 40 models from 20 to 60 feet. The range includes keel yachts for club racing and sports cruising yachts. The best known of today's offerings is the Club J/70, a yacht of the «year in the USA and» Europe (2013), with sales of about 1300 hulls.

Interestingly, almost every J/Boats model still has the contribution of its founders, Rod and Bob Johnston. J/Boats has never attracted outside designers to design boats.


Despite the good interior finish of the cruising models J/Boats, these boats are still more sporty than cruising. Of course, this is also true for club racing models. Accordingly, it will be difficult to drive with J/Boats alone. But that's the J/Boats philosophy: safe, exciting and fast racing in both light and fresh winds, be it in the bay or on the open sea.

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