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Sanlorenzo SpA

Via Armezzone, 3 19031 AMEGLIA (SP) ITALIA

Верфь Sanlorenzo строит суперяхты и водоизмещающие яхты, моторные суперяхты и также активно работает на рынке суперяхт. В модельном ряду компании - 23 модели длиной от 23 до 72 м (в 8 сериях: Alloy, Explorer, SD, SL, SP, SX, Steel и X-Space).

Модельный ряд Sanlorenzo


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О верфи Sanlorenzo

History of the company

The Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo shipyard was founded in 1958 in Tuscany and for a long time built exclusively wooden vessels. In 1972 the company was bought by Giovanni Jannetti. Under his leadership, the shipyard is confidently heading towards the production of fiberglass yachts. The first model was the SL57, introduced in 1985. Ten years later, the shipyard's first superyacht, the 32-meter SL 100, was launched. In 2005, Massimo Perotti, former top manager of Azimut-Benetti, acquired a controlling interest in the shipyard. Under him, the company received its current acronym and priority attention to the superyacht segment. Perotti's policy increased Sanlorenzo's turnover many times, making it one of the leaders of the world yachting industry and painlessly overcoming the financial crisis of 2008, which cost the lives of many recognized shipyards.

Status .

For 2019 Sanlorenzo ranks second among the world's leading yacht builders with lengths over 24 meters.


The plants are located in three neighbouring towns on the coast of the Ligurian Sea, Amelia, Viareggio and Spezia. In Amelie, the SL, SD and SX series composites are produced. At once there are also capacities on after-sales service and refit of yachts. The site in Spezia was acquired in 2016 and is now responsible for the construction of superyachts. Viareggio has innovative projects such as the Alloy boats.


The superyachts of the yard are assembled into four families, for the construction of which a special department based in La Spezia is responsible. The Steel series combines steel boats, among which the largest model is 64 m long. The current surge in popularity of expeditionary boats has not been overlooked. The Explorer range includes luxurious yet impressively self-contained models. The E-Motion series is a tribute to the trend of environmentally oriented hybrid and electric boats. Finally, the Alloy series combines innovative aluminium yachts with excellent speed performance.

Sanlorenzo composite yachts are represented by three lines. The SL series is a flybridge yacht and the SD series includes semi-displacement boats. Launched in 2017, the promising SX range includes crossover «yachts, a» successful and refined combination of classic flybridge yachts and explorers.


It is necessary to note almost religious attitude of the company to customization of vessels. This 5-step process is not quite customization as it is usually understood, but something more. The client can be sure that he will get exactly what he wants, let him change a little even the hull design.

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