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Crownline Boats, Inc.

11884 Country Club Rd West Frankfort, Illinois

Верфь Crownline строит deck boats: боурайдеры с расширенным носом и боурайдеры. В модельном ряду компании - 37 моделей длиной от 5 до 11 м.

Модельный ряд Crownline

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О верфи Crownline

Company history

The American shipyard Crownline began its journey to fame in 1991. Then the 182 BR came out of a small workshop in Whittington, Illinois. Things went up fast from here on out. Six months later, the company rents a larger production facility, and after 3.5 years has its own plant and launches a ten thousandth boat.

The yard's model range has also grown rapidly. It took the shipbuilder less than ten years to increase the number of models from 9 to 24. But not always Crownline was a success. Thus, during the crisis of 2008, the company was sold to a new owner due to financial problems, which, however, restored normal operation within a year.

Status .

The shipyard is active and has already released a 50,000th boat.


Boat construction is concentrated in one factory in West Frankfort. On a plot of more than 54,000 sq.m. there are production facilities, a head office, warehouses and a design department. From here finished boats are sent to dealers all over the world. An extensive network of over 150 sales offices.

Model range

The Crownline range is impressive, with more than 30 boats from 5.5 to 11 meters in length. Super Sport SS and Cross Sport XS series consists of fast bowriders, Eclipse E boats are of Deck boats type. The Sport Cuddy SC range stands out for its small boats with a caddy cabin at the bow.

Surf Edition boats are sports towboats designed specifically for water sports. Cruiser CR models include cruise cabin boats for a short weekend trip for two. The company also builds more comfortable outdoor yachts.

Features .

Crownline boats owe their popularity to more than democratic prices (given the rich equipment). At the same time the shipyard does not forget about the quality of products, which is confirmed by many awards. The company stands out with a wide choice of additional options and color solutions for interior spaces and hull.

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Видеотуры на производственную площадку верфи Crownline, отчеты с дней открытых дверей, дилерских встреч и других мероприятий.

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