Wallycento: Beauty in Italian

Wallycento: Beauty in Italian

Wally builds her own class of maxi yachts.

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Not yet an old but well deservedly legendary company. Wallyseeing the light at the end of the tunnel shakes the foundations once again. Today, Luca Bassani's target is the 100-foot cruise sailing sector. There is no shortage of offers in this size, but Mr. Bassani is loyal to himself: instead of just another boat on the market, he is going to create his own class of high-speed yachts, not poor owners of which will be able to arrange «club» regattas among themselves.

Meet me: Wallycento.


«Several enthusiastic owners have already given us the idea of creating a fleet of yachts of equal performance," explains Bassani, president of the Wally and Wally Class series. - The goal is to make racing even more exciting by increasing race uniformity and improving speed performance on our very comfortable and well-equipped cruising yachts.»

The end of the cento in the name actually means a hundred - the full length of the new «racing cruisers» in feet. According to Bassani, it's a «great size that can combine full comfort, excellent ride and maneuverability suitable for racing. It will eventually allow any Wallycento, even years later, to remain a formidable rival in serious international racing and, in addition, to maintain high resale»value.

A true sailing romantic, Signor Luca Bassani. That's what we love.

Design Project

Although the Wallycento, like all Wallys, remains a comfortable cruising yacht in the first place, its design shows the features of the newest racing boats: small (for its size) displacement, powerful sailing plan, movable ballast and improved stability and characteristics of the gliding hull.


The basic principle of Wallycento is simple: to create a series of almost identical fast and strong yachts, beautiful both in cruising and racing, using all modern racing technology and yet built in respect for the corporate spirit of Wally.

The main parameters determine the length of the body (30-30,48m), width (6,5-7,2m), displacement (45-50 tons), draft (with fixed keel - 5m; with mobile - from 4.5 m with the raised keel to 6.2 m with the lowered keel), mobile ballast (only with mobile keel), as well as interiors and on-board systems (minimum number of cabins and bathrooms, air conditioning system, household appliances, desalters, generators, soundproofing, etc.).д.)

Build and own

Since Wallycento customers are not expected to be new, they are given a wide degree of autonomy in project management. In fact, they do not even have to build a boat directly from WallyEurope: the project can be ordered to their favorite designer and then placed at any shipyard sophisticated in the construction of high-tech composite hulls.

There will of course be no complete anarchy: the shipyard must be pre-approved by Wally, and the conformity of the boat to Wallycento class will be carefully checked by the firm on many parameters, including the overall architecture, configuration, design and the very «spirit of Wally».

In return, the owner receives the proud Wally brand and with it, respectively, is guaranteed the highest seaworthiness, innovation, coolness and, again, the resale value of the boat.

Cruiser racing

The aim is to create, together with other enthusiasts, a unique class of revolutionary Wallycento boats that can be raced in their own division within the Wally Class as well as in maxi yachts regattas around the world, whether by IRC rules or otherwise. Because the boats will be very close in size and design, the Wallycento Class will have uniformity in a narrow range of ratings.

Now, according to Wally, negotiations on the first two Wallycento are coming to a victorious conclusion. The transfer of the boats to customers is scheduled for 2012.

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