Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow

The motorboat from Mercedes-Benz successfully passed the first tests on water.

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At the end of September we already wrote about a joint project of a 46-foot motorboat presented at the Monaco Yacht Show by Mercedes-Benz and Silver Arrows Marine (SAM).

According to the idea of the creators of "Silver Boom", the release of which is scheduled for 2013, will be able to cruise up to 30 knots.

Yesterday reported the successful completion of the first tests on the water. So far without the superstructure, the novelty looks incomplete and not as elegant as it was shown in the photos.

Paolo Bonaveri, CEO of SAM: "This is a very important event for our company and I am very pleased that the boat has shown what we expected and more.

The first copies will be available in September 2013 at the symbolic price of 800,000 - 1,000,000 euros.

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