Living on a megayacht: 13 crazy requests aboard

Living on a megayacht: 13 crazy requests aboard

Fresh pasta from Paris with delivery to Antigua, daily washing of sex toys, black toilet paper. The fantasy of superyacht owners is inexhaustible.
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Earlier ItBoat published a list of the craziest wishes of the shipyards' customers. However, after a superyacht is built, it is necessary to hire a crew who will manage the boat and keep it. And here again, there is room for the owner's imagination. Tatler Magazine has collected 13 real and very strange demands from owners and tenants for a crew.

1. Do you speak English?

The owner of one of the yachts was in trouble, so he asked to find an English-speaking priest to bless the boat. The priest was searched all over the Spanish-speaking country, and finally they found him. The yacht received the blessing in her native English, trouble was averted!

2. Comrades! Where is the doggie?

One family decided that they needed a couple or three puppies as living toys for the kids to be happy in the charter. The crew rushed to the port and delivered the cargo they were looking for.

3. Men in Black

One client stated that he used only black toilet paper, and no other. The crew barely managed to replace the traditional white rolls before he arrived on board.

4. The oligarchs' workday.

Another comrade insisted that his bed should be well ironed. Not the sheets, but the bed! He always stood over the soul of a stewardess when she stroked his shirts, and every ironed thing was seen in the light, so that everything was done as he liked.

5. There is an island of bad luck in the ocean...

A caring mother decided that during the holidays on the yacht her child does not have enough of her own island with palm trees and sand - right on board the boat for happiness. The crew worked hard to build it all. When the little treasure arrived, it declared that it did not like the sand. Hysteria followed, and everything had to be hastily swept away and dismantled.

6. French Lessons

The oligarch's wife demanded a pasta cookie from a certain Parisian pastry shop - and that it be fresh. The sweets were delivered aboard a yacht in Antigua by a private jet.

7. I'm gonna find you anyway.

The charter client checked that the inscriptions on the bottom of all dishes on board were displayed correctly, even if they were hidden in inaccessible places.

8. Honey, I'll call you back.

One owner used to send a private jet to pick up his mistress and take her to the port nearest the yacht, no matter how far away she was. From there, the girl was ferried on board, where he slept with her while her wife was away. Change of bed linen and the boss is still a good family man.

9. I'm not gonna eat it, I'm gonna bite it.

A watermelon lover demanded that plates of this berry, sliced into slices, be placed everywhere on his yacht. In between, he grabbed the piece closest to him, bit it and went on, never eating the whole.

10. Chief, can you give me a ride?

An ardent dog owner always ordered a separate limousine for his pets as a transfer at the port.

11. Married people are not allowed in.

The tenant of the yacht introduced a rule that all crew members must be bachelors.

12. In search of Nemo.

The family demanded that the water be cleaned of jellyfish every time one of them wanted to wet their feet in the sea.

13. No comments

The woman asked the stewardess to wash her sex toys every day.

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