Heesen Irisha is a yacht for kinesthetists.

Heesen Irisha is a yacht for kinesthetists.

Trophy winner for the best interior design, Irisha is created for those who perceive the world through touch.
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Sporty profile, powerful bow, big - actually, the biggest curved glass in the history of yacht building on the raised wheelhouse. In the dream of a Monegasque superyacht exhibition, when the heat starts to melt your brain and all the yachts you see merge into one bright but blurred spot, the 51-meter Heesen Irisha stands alone and is instantly recognizable. Even though it is not the largest and cannot even be called a 100% castle, it is built on a proven and well-proven 50 metre platform. Prior to this Heesen has produced seven similar aluminium semi-displacement boats.

Despite the fact that below the waterline Irisha«has the» same as her cousin, the entire superstructure of the yacht has been completely redesigned in accordance with the Harrison Eidsgaard project, created in close collaboration with the owner. And the owner wasn't ready to make compromises.

As I was able to see at the Monaco show, Irisha is not only memorable from the outside. Its interiors are the perfect balance between versatility and originality.

The exterior of this boat does not conquer, like the Tankoa Solo with its avant-garde sculptures and chess pieces half a man high. Don't you think you've come to a museum where you'll be immediately attacked by a caretaker for spoiling an antique chair with her fifth point, like CRN Latona.

Irisha is not a wow boat. But it is also not one of the boring, standardised charter yachts, with their classic layout and inexpressive design.

She will conquer gradually, deck by deck, detail by detail until you accidentally book her for the weekend. And on holidays. And for the whole vacation.

And Irisha wasn't originally conceived as a charter.

«The owner decided to charter it just a week before the reception,"»says Sara Gioanola, head of PR Heesen.

Commercial certification imposes certain obligations on the builders, and the larger the interior volume of the yacht, the stricter these obligations are. In this way «Irisha has» acquired removable glass panels for the winter garden, which are stored on the shore during the season, which allows to keep the internal volumes of the yacht less than 500 BRT in the specifications. In cooler seasons, the panels are returned to their place and the winter garden turns from open to closed.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors separate the winter garden from the aft deck on one side and the more formal dining area on the other. The sun loungers at the stern are unusually elevated for two reasons: firstly, to allow guests next to each other on sofas to look directly into the eye rather than from above downwards, and secondly, to increase the ceiling height of the tender deck below. When the tender is launched, a beach club is formed below with sauna, shower and massage table.

But back to the main deck. Passing the winter garden, we reach the dining area. The already long dining table here has an attached section that allows for a dinner party for twenty-two guests at a time.

Next is the standard zoning: to the left is the door to the crew quarters, to the right is the access to the amazingly spacious atrium for the 51-metre yacht, where the intricately curving handrail of the three decks of the stairs seems to float in the air thanks to the curved glass railing. There is also a day area with an unusual metal mirror.

The door to the crew quarters leads to the spacious pantry and galley, where Chef Charly sorcerers.

«This boat is the best I've ever worked on," he»admits. «I have a small garden here," he»adds, pointing to pots of rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano.

«Irisha»'s interiors were worked on by the same team that her owner hired to redo his previous vessel, the 44-meter MY Petra, built by Heesen in 2009 for company founder Frans Heesen. Pictures «»of Petra hang on the walls of one of the interior rooms of Irisha like first love.

The colour scheme of the interiors is quite traditional - beige, light grey, dark grey with rare accents of sea wave colour reminiscent of the original boat hull colour: it is said that its colour changes from blue to green depending on how the light falls.

A highlight of the Irisha interiors, voted best on World Yachts Trophies 2018, is the combination of textures.

Soft carpets, fabrics with a pronounced structure, textured walls with Venetian plaster finish from British sorcerers DKT Atworks - with all this you want to interact as long as possible.

The master stateroom, located forward on the main deck, features a magnificent hand-bilted silk panel imitating torn thunderclouds and silver rain jets in the headboard covered with a chic fur cover. The panel was created by Dutch artist Claudy Jongstra.

To the left of the bed, a light hold for the hostess. There is a separate office for the owner in strict grey tones with large windows.

Behind the opposite wall - a bathroom with two entrances, separate sinks and showers for two and a hammam, the center of attraction of which is a free-standing shared bathroom in varnished wood Wenge. Marble and onyx are everywhere in the bathroom.

Complementing the household suite is the already mast-have smoky balcony, a huge advantage of which is the ability to use it not only in the parking lot, but also on the move.

Four guest cabins are located on the lower deck. The wall, beautifully crafted by an Italian craftsman and covered with a layer of epoxy resin, separates the cabins with two single beds. The drawing on the wall in each cabin is unique.

But this wall has another secret: at the push of a button, she goes into the bulkhead to form one large full-beam VIP cabin.

A pair of single beds can be transformed into one double bed, with not only the berths themselves moving in and out, but also the headboard panels, so it's impossible to notice that any manipulation has been done with them.

Raised wheelhouse and skylounge form the upper deck of Irisha«. From the high bridge there is a very good view - not only because it is raised, but also because of the use of a huge curved piece of glass as glazing, which continues where the roof usually already begins. The night-time illumination of the control panel gives the impression that the instruments are floating «in the» air.

Skylounge is used primarily as a venue for watching movies and football matches. The screen and projector move out of the ceiling and the home theatre system is complemented by an audio system from California Audio Technology. The worktop of the bar is made of wood, polished and covered with gold paint, and then flooded with epoxy for protection against damage. The composition is completed by a coffee table from a solid piece of wood.

Aft is a fancy shape sofa with wings«bent»inwards. The owner asked for a place where all guests could communicate while sitting face to face.

The side aisles provide access to the nose with another sofa with a table. This area can be covered from the sun and wind by lifting a tent on the hydraulics.

Sandek is the most party deck of Irisha«. There is a Jacuzzi surrounded by sun loungers and a large bar with seating for eight people.

The maximum speed of the yacht is 25 knots, but during sea trials it was squeezed out and more than 26 knots.

Irisha is faster than other Heesen boats on the same platform: its chassis has been upgraded to match the owner's brief.Ideal for breeze trips across the Mediterranean in a large company, she can also be used for longer voyages in a narrow circle: at 15 knots, she has a range of 2425 knots without refilling.

The cost of renting Irisha via SuperYachtsMonaco is between 280 and 300 thousand euros per week.

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