Marlow Yachts Limited, Inc.

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Model range of Marlow

The brand Marlow produces expedition Yachts and Trawlers and open Yachts. There are 13 models from 11 to 31 meters.

About Marlow

Company history

The first sketches of future boats David E. Marlow made back in the mid 90s. For a long time he could not find a talented naval architect who could turn his sketches and layouts into a complete drawing while maintaining the original design. In 1998, David met the talented designer Douglas Zurn and together they were able to realise the conception and design the first Marlow Yachts model.

The shipyard debuted in 2001 with the Marlow Explorer 65 °C at the Miami Show, where it received many positive reviews. A little later, the international Yachts magazine announced her as one of the best yachts ever built. This was the start of the brand's worldwide reputation, which ensured the young company a steady stream of customers.

Company status

The shipyard continues its work.


The company's yachts are built by the shipyard. Marlow-NorsemenThe first Marlow Yachts model, located in China. The company employs over 200 people. In 2007, the factory won the World Yachts Award for Environmental Innovation. Implemented green technologies protect the environment from the negative impact of production.

Model range

The shipyard's model range consists of two lines. The Yachts range includes expedition yachts and trawlers from 49 to 97 feet in length. The Power range includes outdoor cruising yachts, Raised Pilothouses and Aft Cabin boats.

The yard also produces tenders for superyachts in a modern or classic style with smooth lines of boats of the 20s.


«We decided not to use yesterday's technology for tomorrow's products,"»says David Marlow.

These words characterize the modern approach to production. Marlow Yachts is one of the few companies that uses Kevlar for building their enclosures - a material as strong as steel, yet light as plastic.

The company also owns a patent for RIVAT technology. It provides uniform resin pouring during lamination, which guarantees homogeneity of the material and no scrap. The company owns other equally important developments designed to make Marlow boats high quality, comfortable and safe.

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