Stefania Elfutina brought back silver from World Championship in RS:X class

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In the Polish city of Gdynia ended the world championship in RS:X class. Russia's Stefania Elfutina brought back a silver medal. Stefania was second only to Noah Dryhan of Israel. Here is how Michail Dubina, the national team coach, commented the situation:

«Actually, one small mistake. It allowed the opponent to take control of the race and did not let Stefania to the front. «This mistake happened at the start: there was a little» wind coming in, Stefania reacted correctly and drove to the other end of the start line, but «» this was a short-lived wind coming back».

Other Russian athletes showed the following results: Mariam Sekhposyan finished in seventh place, Anna Khvorikova in fourteenth and Polina Firsova in twenty-third. The boys showed the following results: Maxim Tokarev placed fifteenth and Alexander Stepachkov twenty-ninth.

Overall, Gdynia water area is considered one of the most challenging in Europe due to the unpredictable weather and unstable winds.

Immediately after the end of the World Championship in the RS:X class another competition - European Championship in the class «Laser 4.7»- in which the Russian team will also take part, started in the city.

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