Sochi hosted the Russian Championship in Olympic sailing classes

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«On October 7-13 the main sailing competition of the country - Russian Championship in Olympic sailing classes - took place on the territory of FGBU». 195 strongest athletes from 19 regions of the country competed for the titles of Russian champions.

Medal races for seven disciplines (Laser, Laser-Radial, Finn, 470, 49th and RS:X) were held yesterday at the Black sea water area. The racing day started at 8 a.m. - that's when the first start was scheduled for the speed skiffs.

Jan Cheh and Ivan Zotov, who had been in the lead since the first day of the regatta, finished third, but the margin of points with which they took to the water that day made the crew almost unattainable: they were the 2016 Russian champions. « Silver» Denis Scheglov and Pavel Karachov, «bronze» Konstantin Nosov and Alexander Gaidaenko.

After «forty-ninth» sailing boards RS:X took to the water. Throughout the regatta, the leaders in this class were constantly changing.

The medal race was not without surprises: Andrei Zagainov won it and «gold» championship, who previously was in third place. Alexander Askerov who was in the lead the day before the last start of the competition came in only sixth. This result put him on the second place. Evgeniy Aivazyan came in third.

Finn class athletes were the next to start. The wind picked up and started to roll out a wave that did not interfere with the strongest yachtsmen of the country to find out who is who. Arkady Kistanov was the first at the finish line and on the podium. He was the leader from the first day of the regatta. Egor Terpigorev came second andAlexey Selivanov was third.

The Russian 470 fleet has not changed at all: the 2016 Russian Olympic team crews became champions. Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov won absolutely all races of the regatta and once again climbed to the top step of the championship podium. Vladimir Chaus and Denis Gorety finished second in the medal race and in the final protocol. The crew of Kristian Ciech and Maksim Cherenkov won the third place.

Alisa Kirilyuk « and Ludmila Dmitriyeva finished only seventh, but it did not prevent them from winning» gold in the women's classification. « Silver» for Alexandra Chicherova and Ludmila Timoshina, «bronze» for Natalia Ivanova and Angelika Chernyakhovskaya.

The last to hit the water was the top ten in the Laser class: the wind picked up to 14 knots and the wave height was a meter and a half before their start. Olympian Sergey Komissarov left no chance for his rivals, confirming his title. During nine races, including the medal race, he scored only 10 points. Kirill Evfimievski was second, and Eduard Skorniakov was third.

Elena Vorobieva won the Laser Radial with an impressive margin over her closest rival. She won the medal race, while Ekaterina Zyuzina, the 2015 Russian champion, came only fifth, but held her own by taking second place. Ekaterina Morgun came in third.

Anastasia Guseva and Yana Stokolesova were the strongest among the 49th FX racers. « Silver» Olga Knipovich and Angelina Markova, «bronze» young duo Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova.

The winners of the regatta in Nakra Class 17 were the crew of Maxim Semenov/AlinaShchetinkina, who snatched the title from Sergey Dzhienbaev and Daria Ivanova who came in second. Olesya Zhukova and Maxim Sudachkov placed third.

Perhaps the most obvious was the final in the women's RS:X. Stefania Elfutina, who won numerous medals of World Championships and European Championships, as well as «bronze at» Olympic Games, showed real class by winning all races by a wide margin. Mariam Sekhposyan, the silver medallist of Youth Olympic Games, became the second and Angela Poludarova became the third.

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