Little Jessica Watson decided to conquer Sydney Hobart

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Australian Jessica Watson, who last year set the record for 'round the world non-stop at the youngest age' (she was 16 years and 362 days old at the finish line ), has her sights set on a new achievement. Together with a team of similarly young sailors, she plans to take part in the legendary ocean race Sydney to Hobart and as a result become skipper of the youngest crew in regatta history.

The team will take to the start on the boat Another Challenge, which has already been painted the same trademark gaudy pink as Jessica's previous boat, Ella's Pink Lady. The title sponsor of the project was cosmetics manufacturer Ella Baché. The average age of the team is 19 years old. Some of the competitors, including Jessica herself, are barely 18 when they start (the minimum age allowed according to the rules of the race). The oldest is no older than 22.

The guys are actively training and seriously aiming to win their division of the Sydney 38OD, as well as, "if the weather conditions allow it", to take a place in the overall standings, taking into account the handicap. As a reminder, the Sydney to Hobart race traditionally starts the morning after Catholic Christmas - December 26. You can watch the TV news items about the team here and here (in English).

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