Figure of the day: ship imports to Russia increased by 43% in 2017

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The Russian yacht market is recovering from the crisis caused by the imposition of sanctions. The newspaper «Kommersant» on the basis of data from the Federal Customs Service calculated that among the machine-building products imported into Russia, the segment of ships in 2017 showed the largest growth - 43%. The Ministry of Industry and Trade clarified that it was because of the increase in purchases of yachts and boats.

Imported products are crucial for the Russian yacht market. Especially it concerns motor cruisers of the size from 30 to 80 feet and sailing yachts which are poorly presented by domestic producers.

But the production of small boats for fishing and recreation is very common on the domestic market. These small boats, which can be transported on a trailer, are equipped with American and Japanese outboard motors from well-known manufacturers. Sales of domestic boats of this type are estimated at 15-20 thousand hulls per year, but these figures do not take into account boats with cheap Chinese motors. According to some reports about 50 thousand of such engines are imported every year to meet the domestic demand.

Russian buyers only account for 2 to 3% of the global sales of yachts. Prior to the crisis this share was 10% so the market has room to grow.

Officials estimate that in 2018 yacht sales in Russia may grow by 30%.

One of the reasons for the growth is the state policy aimed at support of yacht tourism. The Federal Target Program for Tourism Development 2011-2018 provides 332 billion rubles for the development of tourism infrastructure. Of this money 96 billion are budgetary funds.

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