Seakeeper introduces gyro-stabilizer for boats shorter than 30 feet

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California-based stabilization systems company Seakeeper showed its smallest model, the Seakeeper 2, at the Miami Boat Show. The size of the Seakeeper 2 makes it possible to equip boats shorter than 30 feet with a gyroscopic stabilization system.

This option for the first time ever is possible on a boat of this modest size.

More specifically, the Seakeeper 2 is designed for boats from 27 to 32 feet. The system is controlled from a new touchscreen and is 25% lighter and 22% smaller than the previous smallest Seakeeper model.

«We are very committed to bringing stabilization to the masses," said Seakeeper CEO Andrew Semprevivo. - The Seakeeper 2 is our first entry into the 20-foot boat market. We will continue to build on that to change the very nature of modern yachting».

The operating principle of the Seakeeper 2 is the same as its big brothers. The flywheel rotates in a vacuum at up to 9000 rpm, creating a stable gyroscopic effect.

Deliveries start in April 2018. Unlike fin stabilizers, the Seakeeper fits completely inside the boat and can be installed almost anywhere, and its installation will not require any major structural modifications.

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