In Miami, a man fell under the propellers of a 29-meter yacht

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A 25-year-old man died in Miami when he was struck by the propellers of a 29-meter charter yacht, Miami Vice.

The victim, Raul Menendez, was one of seven guests aboard the yacht, which was operated by a two-person crew. Mauricio Alvarez, 20, was at the helm of the vessel at the time of the tragedy.

No information is available as to whether Menendez went overboard or jumped out of the water, but it is known that at the time of the accident the crew was trying to extricate the yacht from the shallow water on which she ran aground near Flagler Island.

The Coast Guard impounded the yacht and towed her to their Miami Beach station.

Miami Vice is a hybrid speedboat and yacht. The vessel, built in 1998 at Intermarine Shipyard, is capable of speeds up to 55 knots. According to MiamiVice.Biz, she can accommodate up to 12 guests on a day cruise and up to 7 guests on an overnight stay. Miami Vice rents for $4,000 for a four-hour cruise and $5,800 for an eight-hour cruise. This is the standard price tag for the Miami charter market.

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