A new world record: on a 6.3 m boat around the globe

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Polish yachtsman Szymon Kuczynski has set a world record for a solo circumnavigation of the globe in the smallest yacht, accomplishing the journey without stopping or assistance.

The 37-year-old Pole left the British city of Plymouth on August 19, 2017 and, after sailing nearly 29,000 nautical miles, returned to his starting point last Thursday.

He spent 270 days,10 hours and 29 minutes aboard his 6.3m Maxus 22 Atlantic Puffin yacht.

The previous record belongs to Franco-Italian Alessandro di Benedetto, who in 2009-10 sailed around the globe on a 6.5m yacht in 268 days 19 hours 36 minutes and 12 seconds.

For his voyage, Kuczynski chose the classic route around the three famous capes of Africa, Australia and South America.

The yachtsman lived in a four square meter space for more than 9 months. During this time, he did not make a single port stop and did not use any extraneous medical or technical assistance.

This circumnavigation is the second in Shimon Kuczynski's biography. The record holder has already circumnavigated the globe alone on this boat, but then his journey, which began in 2014, took 16 months.

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