For the fifth time «Finns» come to Moscow

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One of the largest regattas in Russia Open Russian - will be held in Moscow on September 4-9. This year will be the fifth for Open Russian. Traditionally it gathers the strongest racers in the Olympic class «Finn». This year, apart from Russians, crews from Finland, Belorussia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Italian national teams of Associations of Finns class «» will race. The number of entries has already surpassed one hundred! This is a big fleet by the standards of Europe, not to mention Russia. In previous years on the average there were about 50 participants in the regatta, which is also quite a lot for our latitudes.

The ceremonial opening will take place on September 4th at 10 am and after that the first races will start right away. A total of 12 races are scheduled for the days of the competition. The regatta will finish with medal race and awarding ceremony on September 8.

The venue is the water area of the Klyazma reservoir, on the base of the CSP «Khlebnikovo».

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