«Outsider» finished first in Nord Stream Race

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The yacht, with an unintelligible name of Outsider, was the first to cross the finish line of the regatta Nord Stream Race in St. Petersburg. In three days the crew covered a distance of 800 nautical miles on the autumnal Baltic. The guys will receive an incentive prize for their promptness, but the winner will be determined taking into account the handicap. The second to finish was Haspa Hamburg.

Of the 13 yachts from Germany, not all will be able to complete the race. The Russian yacht «Thankful 2» with a Kaliningrad crew was pulled off the course because of problems with the forestaff. There was only 30 miles to the finish line. Earlier it was reported that the crew is not able to use the spinnaker due to breakage on the top of the mast. UCA was unlucky to retire from the race due to a power problem on September 17. Crews on both yachts are fine. The rest of the competitors are on their way to the finish line.

The Nord Stream Race is a competition between yachts in two divisions. ORC The two divisions started on 15 September (Outsider among them). The next day the boats of the Gazprom Swan 60. The race was first held last year to coincide with the opening of the Nord Stream gas pipeline «» , along which the race route runs.

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