Triton will unlock the mysteries of the five oceans

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Private submarine manufacturer Triton Submarines has set its sights on a bold project: the American company has announced the launch of an expedition to the deepest parts of the five oceans.

The journey will be taken by the bathyscaphe 36000/2.

The manned submersible, operated by VictorVescovo , founder of the research company Caladan Oceanic, will descend to a depth of 11,000 metres.

The submersible is set to pioneer these discoveries.

The deep-sea submarine, with an additional supply vessel, will visitthe Puerto RicanTrench on the border of the Caribbean Sea and AtlanticOcean (8.648m depth ), the South SandwichTrench in the SouthernOcean (8,428 m deep), the Java Trench in the IndianOcean (7,725 m deep), the MarianaTrench, namely in its deepest part, the Bottomless Trench in the Southern Ocean.the deepest part, the Challenger Deep (10,898 m) and the Molloy Deep inthe Arctic (5,599 m).

Vesokovo won't stop there: he's going to explore the deep-water Tonga Trench in the Pacific Ocean, 100 metres from the Mariana Trench, and search there for previously unrecorded bathymetry depths.

«If I succeed," the explorer said with a smile, "I will name this place after James Cameron».

The Hollywood director was the first person in history to dive alone to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Wesokowo himself is better known as a climber than a depth explorer: he has climbed seven of the planet's highest mountains. According to Vescovo, the purpose of his current expedition is not only to push the boundaries of technology, but also to advance humanity in its perception of the world.

We shall remind, last year the car brand Aston Martingot interested in the industry of private submarines. The company unveiled a design for a three-seater Neptune submarine at the2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

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