Ivan Boignon will continue his circumnavigation of the globe

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Traveller Ivan Boignon, who lost his boat last summer, will be able to continue his circumnavigation of the globe.

The yachtsman's crowdfundingcampaign on was successful: users raised just over €40,000, which is enough to build a new catamaran Louloutte 2 to replace the wrecked Louloutte. In addition, the athlete will raise funds from sponsors.

Ivan Bouagnon set off on a round-the-world journey on an open catamaran with his partner Beto Pandiani about a year ago. Then, for a number of reasons, Pandiani dropped out of the project. Bouagnon was left alone and took on all the burdens of the voyage.

The circumnavigation was due to end in September 2014, but the yachtsman's boat had several accidents and last July hit rocks and crashed off the coast of Indonesia. That forced the enthusiast to revise his schedule.

According to the adjusted plans, the new vessel will be built in November and will leave Sri Lanka in January, after testing. The adventurer will arrive in France (the final round-the-world destination) in March 2015.

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