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Etap Yachting

Naudtslaan 40, 9185

Верфь Etap строит дейсейлеры (daysailers) и спорт-круизные яхты. В модельном ряду компании - 7 моделей длиной от 6 до 15 м.

Модельный ряд Etap

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О верфи Etap

History of the company

Etap Shipyard was founded in Belgium 40 years ago. Even then, she set out on a course to create unusual yachts (both sailing and motor) with unique technical solutions. In recent years, Etap has been building absolutely unsinkable sailing yachts - their special feature is that these boats have two hulls (inner and outer) and the space between them is filled with special foam. As a result, the boats do not sink even if they are cut through a hole.

In 2007 Etap Shipyard was bought by German company Dehler. The deal took place at a bad time for the yachting world, almost on the threshold of crisis. After the purchase, the Germans closed production in Belgium the first thing they did. Under the wing of Dehler, the Belgian shipyard did not stay long, the company went bankrupt already in 2008 and Etap was sent on its own.

The shipyard's latest achievement was the sailboat Etap 28 S, it received an award at the Düsseldorf show and was named Best Boat «of the Year 2008.


Shipyard is non-functional.

Production .

To restore manufacture in the homeland of shipyard has appeared not under force financially, therefore in Belgium only the headquarters remains, and manufacture has moved to the Indian city of Cochin. In the first stage, China and SEA were to become the main market for the shipyard, but the company was not able to establish itself.

Model range

The motorboat range consists of aluminium yachts and boats with a cabin aft. Sailing boats include several sports cruise boats for family holidays and competitions, models withdeksalon and the dealers.


The double hull of the boat has not only unsinkable properties. Still foamy filler gives good sound insulation and perfectly retains heat on cold days or cool - in heat (thermos effect).

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