Верфь AB Inflatables


Calle 1E # 2-15 Zona Franca Barranquilla

Верфь AB Inflatables строит катера риб с надувными бортами и катера с подвесным мотором. В модельном ряду компании - 86 моделей длиной от 2 до 9 м (в 15 сериях: AB Rider, Alumina, Lammina AL, Lammina UL, Mares, Nautilus, Navigo, Oceanus, Profile A, Profile A-XHD, Profile AS, Profile F, S, Ventus и XP).

Модельный ряд AB Inflatables

Серия Nautilus
Серия Oceanus
Серия Alumina
Серия Navigo
Серия Lammina AL
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О верфи AB Inflatables

Company history

The founder of AB Inflatables, Ivor Heyer, is a second generation ship. His father Ulrich founded Lanchas Venezolanos Shipyard in 1972, which built aluminium boats under an American license and was quite successful. More than 90% of the small ships (at that time) in Venezuela were made by Ulrich.

In the 80's Ivor joined the work, which in 1996 united Lanchas with Italian Battelli in AB Marine Group. Later a new brand was launched - AB Inflatables. Meanwhile, the economic situation in Venezuela was deteriorating, and the company's management decided to move production to another country. The choice fell on Colombia, where by 2009 a new plant was launched.

Status .

It's working.

Production .

Just two employees went to open a factory in Colombia with Ivor. They managed to build a new facility from scratch and start producing boats. The team chose the large industrial city of Barranquilla for the yard, where they launched production to modern international standards.

Model range

The company offers a wide range of RIBs for leisure and business purposes. The shipyard's portfolio includes centrifugal models, outboard and water jet boats.


AB Inflatables not only manufactures boats from the familiar GRP, but also produces RIBs from aluminum, which is quite rare.

The shipyard is a rare holder of all three industry certificates (NMMA, CE and ISO 9001), which guarantees the high quality of its boats.

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