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The brand Outremer produces sailing catamarans. There are 7 models currently in production ranging from 14 to 19 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Outremer and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Outremer Model Range

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The history of the future winners of transatlantic races began on the Mediterranean coast of France, in the town of La Grande-Motte. Here Gerard Danson, a young engineer at the Conati shipyard, designed a catamaran for long-range cruising. Safety, speed and comfort were at the heart of the design. The first 40-foot model of the future Outremer yard was born. Then, in 1984, even the name did not exist - orders appeared earlier than the business plan. Not having had time to finish the first hull, they laid down the second and designed a large, 50-foot model.

Soon ATELIER OUTREMER became known in the world of ocean travel, flotillas and real racing. Titles of winners of Transat des Alizés, Transat des Passionnés, the Transmed, ARC appeared. But the most prestigious was the victory of Outremer 45 Bagnoles de l'Orne in the OSTAR race in 2000.

The death of founder Gerard Danson in 2005 was a test for Outremer. The shipyard was able to be revived by joining the company Grand Large Yachting in 2007. At that time GLY already had Allures and Garcia shipyards, and later the American Gunboat was acquired.

Today Outremer catamarans are successful on both sides of the Atlantic and the shipyard exports over 70% of the boats built. At the same time Outremer catamarans continue to participate in ocean racing.

Model range

Now the shipyard offers two lines. These are, conditionally, more inhabited and luxury models 41 and 51 and high-speed 4, 5 and 7. Conditionally, because Outremer catamarans are designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost, which «is responsible for» almost half of the fastest boats of our time. You can also order a tiller in addition to the steering wheel, rotating carbon mast and carbon geek, a grotto with a square sickle and other «chips» to «increase» speed.

The Outremer has won many titles. For example, Outremer 5X is the best in Europe in 2013 (Dusseldorf), Outremer51 is the best in the world.versions of Le Monde du Multicoque magazine in 2018; Outremer 4X - best in Europe in 2017 (Dusseldorf), and so on.


Following the philosophy «that light means fast and fast means fun, Outremer»catamarans are astonishing in their performance. For example, 51 models weigh only 15 tons - half the weight of other manufacturers. And the Outremer 4x can reach 20 knots under sail... Not bad for a family catamaran.


The Outremer Shipyard continues where it came from - La Grande Mote. Over 200 hulls have been built since the shipyard was founded. With the addition of the U.S. catamaran manufacturer Gunboat to the Grand Large Yachting, the yard's area has doubled due to the production moved from the USA. Now Outremer is over 6 square kilometers.

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