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Model range

The brand Yamarin produces aluminum boats and outboard Boats. There are 22 models from 4 to 9 meters.


History of the company

The Yamarin brand grew out of a company that brought Yamaha outboard engines from Japan to Finland. Over time, the Finnish company decided to open its own production of boats in partnership with the Japanese brand. The first part of the shipyard's name refers to the Yamaha name, and the second part to the marine theme.

The first Yamarin boat departed the slipway in 1972. The developers set a goal to create universal boats of the same quality as Yamaha products.


Yamarin shipyard is a part of large international holding Konekesko Group. The corporation sells equipment and machinery in Finland and the Baltic States.


Yamarin's headquarters are in Vantaa, Finland. The shipyard's production facilities are also located in Finland.

Model range

Yamarin builds fishing boats, bowriders, hardtop boats with closed saloon, caddy boats, SUVs. The products of the shipyard were created for sale in northern countries, so the boats of this brand with Yamaha engines serve well in cold climate. The majority of Yamarin boats are exported (60%). They are readily bought in Norway, Sweden and Russia. Yamarin boats are chosen by connoisseurs of quality at an affordable price, as well as by beginners in yachting. The brand's popularity is also due to Yamaha's impeccable reputation in the market and its well-developed dealer network, the «Konakesko Group».

Features .

Yamarin is committed to making boats as comfortable and «manageable» as possible, thanks in large part to its collaboration with Yamaha and the high quality of the individual boat elements. Both the physical properties of the components and the control system of the ship's brain are important.

In 2019 the company released two models with Yamarin Q system. This is an infotainment platform with internet, navigation map and motor indicator.

Excellent water handling is one of the safety factors that the company also pays close attention to. Hence the self-contained, non-slip decks and the sturdy relays on board. Yamarin motor boats comply with a number of international water safety standards and the European Union's recreational boating directive.

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