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Model range

The brand Thoroughbred Houseboats produces houseboats. There are 1 model 15.5 meters.


History of the company

In 1996 Rob Parrish decided to create the world's best house on the water. In Kentucky, Rob found like-minded people, and a year later the team assembled the first housebottom that brought it success. Since then, the Thoroughbred Houseboats Shipyard has continued to build quality floating houses that have proven themselves outside the home country.

Thoroughbred builds yachts based on customers' ideas. As Rob Parrish metaphorically put it, the shipyard's work begins with emotion, flows into thought, and then a plan is formed.


Thoroughbred has been working for over 5 years on a large site in Monticello in Kentucky, the world capital of the Housebots. The merger of Thoroughbred with the oldest companies Sumerset Cruisers and Stardust has formed a powerful brand Trifecta Ventures. The new partnership allowed the company to include transportation, maintenance and repair services in its arsenal.

«Our sincere goal is to make floating houses more efficient, safe and comfortable,"»says Rob Parrish, founder of Thoroughbred Houseboats.

Model range

Thoroughbred produces motor yachts for every taste: from miniature catamarans for family holidays to king size houseboats with rich equipment.

The Thoroughbred houseboat standard includes an impressive list of options, and the shipyard is graciously prepared to expand it to include customer suggestions.

The lightweight aluminium hull makes the shipyard's products easy to transport on land.


The Thoroughbred houseboats stand out with their design. The yard produces yachts with transparent sides, so that the interior spaces are filled with light and seem bigger, while the residents of the house on the «water can enjoy» the views.

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